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Mouse Pads Are Good for Your Desk and Your Mouse Share

Mouse Pads Are Good for Your Desk and Your Mouse

Mouse pads still serve several important functions. For starters, they keep your desk from looking like a piece of driftwood. The repeated motions of the rubber or plastic feet of your mouse against the surface of your desk will wear away the finish on most pressed wood, particle board, leather, and even polished hardwood if it’s not maintained. Mouse Pads will protect the finish of your desk, keeping it from wearing out over your usual mousing spot. It’s much cheaper to replace a mouse pad than replace your desktop surface.

A high-quality wood desk that’s regularly waxed, or a tempered glass or metal desk, won’t have these problems. But the desk isn’t the only surface you need to think about. Even if your mouse’s tracking function no longer picks up dirt and oils from your skin, your desk does… and it will be transferred to the feet of your mouse as it moves over the surface. A mouse pad won’t completely alleviate this, but it will keep those feet fresh for longer. (Incidentally, if the feet on your mouse itself are worn down to the point that the plastic body is dragging, you can usually buy replacements and stick them on.

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